This form of seated therapy is based on Ablon Chirothesia. Although there is no official method in the Philippines called “seated therapy,” it was named as such merely to describe a scenario where the recipient is sitting during the course of the healing work. Unless the recipient is confined to a wheelchair or have difficulty laying flat, the legs are not usually covered here, since that would ideally involve the recipient laying down in order to execute the various manipulative movements possible. What is provided, therefore, emphasizes movements on the upper body, hence the term, “seated.” This style of therapy offers benefits beyond a “corporate chair massage,” especially if the practitioner focuses on the various ailments that people sustain working behind a desk or computer.

Manipulative movements on the neck and shoulder joints, combined with applied systematic pressure, is one of the unique key elements of Ablon Seated Therapy. Another element is what I have termed, “triangular stabilizing locks” that not only position the recipient’s body to stretch and expose certain urat and pennet for easier access but also stabilize the body so that systematic pressure and manipulation can be accomplished to these structures. 

The stimulation of the nerves help to reeducate the muscles, which in turn helps them to respond to electrical brain signals for movement. In other words, the nerve path receives a “jump start,” similar to a weak car battery receiving one so that the battery can work in conjunction with the electrical and mechanical components of the car. Range of motion is enhanced, blood circulation is increased, muscles spasms are reduced, and the patient’s ability to perform ordinary and essential activities of daily living is increased. 

Physical stress oftentimes manifests in the neck and shoulders, and this can create a vicious unrelenting cycle that keeps the mental and emotional states at unease, and vice versa. The application of Ablon Seated Therapy helps to break that cycle, and it gradually becomes evident and felt during the session. With the cycle broken comes a clearer mind and balanced wellbeing—one of the many healing benefits of seated therapy in the Ablon tradition.