When I was about seven years old, my father gifted me with a toy in the form of a magnet. Shortly after playing with it, I discovered that magnets had the ability to magnetize other metals. After obtaining more magnets, I learned about the difference between the north and south poles, and how they either attracted or repelled each other, depending on their positioning towards each other.

Years later when I delved into the healing arts, I learned how the human body also had some sort of magnetic capability, and how my hands also had north and south poles. One day, when I was doing an energy healing session, I hovered my hand over one of the lower chakras. Immediately, my hand began to “ride” an energetic current following a snake-like motion intertwining its way around the other chakras towards the crown, then downward following the opposite or mirrored image. The energetic currents that I was riding on involved what is understood in yogic studies as the ida nadi and pingala nadi, both nadischannelling prana or life-force energy. The main sushumna nadi runs directly through the chakras, central to the ida and pingala nadis. The whole image created resembled a caduceus, a staff with intertwining snakes that was adopted as the medical insignia. 

Aglupos deals with bioelectromagnetism, which is based on Ablon and the manipulation of pranic or energy currents situated along the chakras and throughout the body. Those whom I have worked on have their own experiences to share. Sensations vary from feeling weightless to powerful surges of energy. Some would see lights or colors, especially white and purple when working on the upper chakras. Others have had various visions, including what they believed to be past lives. In one extreme case, there was a woman who experienced a powerful shaktipat (infusion of spiritual energy) that led to a kundalini awakening, while others would just feel a sense of deep peace. Hidden traumas from years past can sometimes resurface, followed by catharsis. Some may even have entities leave them. 

In severe cases where life events have caused negative psychological influences, a psychoneuroimmunological response sometimes manifests due to excessive stress, fears, or worries accumulated over the years, thus resulting in a weakened immune system. In such cases, Aglupos can be applied to help reveal their psychosomatic roots. Whatever the recipient experiences, whether simple or profound, it all happens at the right place and at the right time. In other words, whatever that individual is ready to experience, would experience. It allows recipients to expand their soul consciousness, or to come face-to-face with issues that are preventing them from moving forward.

After applying this healing method that went nameless for over a decade, I became inspired with the term “aglupos,” which literally translates as “a snake that will shed its skin,” symbolizing the cycle of death and rebirth, and the regeneration or procreation of life. As a form of spiritual energetic healing, I use the term as a metaphor for one who will shed negative mental, emotional, or spiritual energy. The process involves the following:

A. Initial Dialogue

This step not only allows the healer to become acquainted with the client and understand the complexities of his or her situation, but also helps the client voice out any concerns.

B. Preparatory Ablon

Since it is understood that the physical body houses the soul consciousness, Aglupos becomes even more effective when a thorough Ablon session is done as a preparation to open up the various physical and subtle channels for a stronger flow.

C. Langkok-Tangan

This procedure creates a “mind-body surge” in that it unlocks and scrambles negative memories and thought patterns on a cellular level, thus bringing them to the surface.

D. Bioelectromagnetic Balancing

This last procedure helps in the healthy regeneration of life force that is already inherent within in  order to fill in the negative energy that has been extracted. It also helps to seal and protect the body from negative outside influences.

After the session, it is strongly suggested, for at least one hour, to remain in silence with oneself to help continue in the healing affects that may still be in process. It is imporatnt to drink plenty of water, preferably warm, to aid in the flushing out of toxins that may have been released.

Back in 2008, an Ayurvedic physician by the name of Dr. Tanmay Goswami of India once gave me a Jyotish (Vedic astrology) reading. In my chart, it was indicated that I would be embarking on the development of a new form of energy healing. The birth of Aglupos Bioelectromagnetic Balancing was already written in the stars!

*Recommended reading: The Astonishing Power of the Bio Physical Energy of the Human Body,” by Shriram Sharma Acharya.