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My name is Virgil Mayor Apostol, holistic health consultant and founder of ASI Healing. I descend from a maternal and paternal bloodline of indigenous healers, and have also been blessed to receive the teachings of other respected elders. My

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What is a Healer? by Virgil Mayor Apostol


Virgil Mayor Apostol's personal philosophy on the role and responsibiliteis of a healer. A healer is one who provides his or her gifts to bring about a healthy balance in those who are recognized to have

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Hilot: The Art and Science of Touch


By Patricia Laurel, Correspondent Philippine News, February 7-13, 2007 Make no mistake, hilot or ablon is not about going to a spa and getting a massage because you want to relax and come away with a feel-good attitude.

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Revival and Re-introduction of Traditional Filipino Healing Practices into American Society


(Paper presented at the International Conference on the Hawaii Filipino Centennial, Honolulu, Hawaii, 15 December 2006. Also published in Hawaii Filipino Chronicle, 9-01-07, and Filipino Martial Arts Digest, 2007 Special Edition). By Virgil Mayor Apostol

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Ablon Seated Therapy


This form of seated therapy is based on Ablon Chirothesia. Although there is no official method in the Philippines called “seated therapy,” it was named as such merely to describe a scenario where the recipient is

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Aglupos Bioelectromagnetic Balancing


When I was about seven years old, my father gifted me with a toy in the form of a magnet. Shortly after playing with it, I discovered that magnets had the ability to magnetize other

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What is the usual response after accidentally bumping ourselves or getting hit by something hard? The automatic response would be for us to place our hand directly on the injury and rub the pain away.


Ablon Chirothesia


When people from the Philippines ask what I do, and I answer them by saying that I am a mangngablon or manghihilot (healer in the Ablon or Hilot traditions), many have responded by asking if I am a chiropractor or

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