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Open Member and Lay Therapeutic Minister under ONACS, Inc. with the authorization to participate in the healing, therapy, counseling, ceremonies, and sacraments of the land. 

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Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing / Healing Arts

Helping each individual heal in the least amount of time.

Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing offers a unique healing arts approach to wellness and self-empowerment through a combination of centuries-old disciplines and innovative ingenuity that synergistically promote the health and well-being of each individual seeking wholeness.

Welcome to Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing (ASI Healing), a site that provides information on a traditional form of manual medicine and other therapeutic healing services that carry forth from Virgil Mayor Apostol’s ancestral lines of indigenous medical practitioners. In North America, Apostol is considered a pioneer in this natural way of healing, and he excudes a great passion for being service-oriented with the philosophy of “helping each individual heal in the least amount of time.”

The services provided are of the highest quality and are backed by various health professionals and clients alike. Each session is based on the indigenous concept of the Sangkabagi, an Ilocano folk belief that literally translates as “one body” or “unity of bodies.” The Sangkabagi refers to spiritual beings who ride on a barangay, a kind of boat that sails in the sky while managing healers and distributing medicine to those who are sick. The Sangkabagi also holds the authority to give the “power to heal” to those whom are believed gifted and are willing to heal (Apostol, 2010, p. 20-21). It is based on this premise that Apostol offers this form of manual medicine to his growing list of satisfied clientele, as well as provide healing workshops to those who wish to expand on their own healing gifts.

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Healing Services

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After meeting Dr. Alfonso Lagaya, MD, MDM, who was then the Director General of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Inc. (PITAHC—a corporation of the Philippine Department of Health), he personally encouraged me to launch a clinical practice with the objective of providing these scientifically proven traditional healing modalities to the masses.

Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with each of the services below, and contact Apostol to book an appointment or if you have any further questions. Thank you.


Ablon Chirothesia

From the Philippines comes the indigenous healing art of Ablon, which is a traditional form of chirothesia used by Ilocano healers and practitioners of the Philippine martial arts to help restore neurovascular and musculoskeletal imbalances sustained during the course of daily living or training. It is used for various health concerns.

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Pekkel is a subcategory of Ablon from which its principles are based. This method is appropriate as a general treatment or for those with certain conditions that require such.

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Aglupos Bioelectromagnetic Balancing

Aglupos is a method of bioelectromagnetic or spiritual energetic balancing. Literally translating as “a snake that will shed its skin,” Aglupos is a metaphor for the regeneration or procreation of life. 

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Ablon Seated Therapy

This form of seated therapy is a unique session based on Ablon Chirothesia and the comprehension of bodily movements in the Philippine martial arts. Not only is it beneficial for those who have ailments involving the neck and shoulder joints, it is also ideal for those who are on a tight schedule and wish to squeeze in a session.

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Latest Healing Insights

Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing

Didya ’Kabarwanan – Escrima

Back in 1980 when I was practicing some of the movements found in Dan Inosanto’s book, Filipino Martial Arts, I asked my father, Vidal delos Santos Apostol, Sr.

Virgil Mayor Apostol – Healing Arts

My name is Virgil Mayor Apostol, holistic health consultant and founder of ASI Healing. I descend from a maternal and paternal bloodline of indigenous healers, and have also been blessed to receive

Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing

Staying fit is not only about exercise, it’s about an entire lifestyle change.

Healing Warriors at FPAC performing Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics, a bridge between Ablon/Hilot and Didya Kabarwanan (Escrima). Contact me regarding HEALING SERVICES and my ongoing class, WAY OF THE HEALING WARRIOR


“The movements you shared with us during your Ablon workshop reveal a deep understanding of the human body embedded in this work. I hope your teaching and sharing of these traditional approaches continues to develop well. They are so very valuable!”

Antoinette Barrientos, San Jose, CA

“Virgil Mayor Apostol  uses his intuition and a scientifically-proven therapeutic skill-set that gives him the remarkable ability to optimize muscular length, tension, and neuromuscular balance to restore function and minimize pain through the utilization of manual manipulation of extremities and associated musculature.”

Charles “Chip” Miller, Physical Therapist, specializing in a manual medicine approach. Waynesville, OH

“I wish to commend Virgil Apostol for allowing myself to receive treatments such as I experienced 53 years ago from my Osteopath Physician and surgeon. Until now, I thought I would never be able to get results, such as I have, since then. I highly recommend Mr. Apostol to anyone!”

Lucille W. San Diego, CA

“Virgil did a demonstration of Ablon on my ankle that had been ‘like hamburger’ (a doctor delicately told me) for the past six years. I had a horse fall on me when I was a teenager. More feeling and change came to the nerves in my andle in twenty minutes working with Virgil, than six years, or the doctors I’ve seen.”

Hanna Rose Galli, Salt Lake City, UT

“The session was phenomenal! It was incredibly deep and felt as if the cells and memory in the tissues were given an opportunity to reprogram themselves to the correct positions anatomically, of which I wish to remain mindful of. There are many emotional components around healing this area as well, which I feel are beginning to surface.”

Sharon Monet, Ojai, CA