America is indeed a melting pot of migrants from all parts of the globe. They have contributed their cultural flavor to some degree. With these peoples come their unique healing practices for it is what they know and have used to heal themselves since time immemorial. Undoubtedly, the best known of these Asian and Oriental ethnic healing practices is Chinese Acupuncture that have been accepted into the mainstream across America. Japanese Shiatsu has made a name and Nuad Bo’Rarn of Thailand has already risen to popularity. Established schools on Ayurvedic medicine from India, along with its various Panchakarma therapies, is also well acknowledged.

Due to historical accounts that have influenced the psychology of the people, Filipinos have become victims of a colonial mentality that has placed neglect on our own cultural heritage in favor of just about everything “American.” Our very own traditional Filipino medical system, although very strong in the Philippines, is taken for granted here in the West. Although the younger generation may have heard of these healing practices, they are practically unknown by non-Filipinos.

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