I come from a patrilineal and matrilineal bloodline of healers. Rosa delos Santos (1890–1947), my father’s mother, was a healer from Alcala, Pangasinan, who later migrated to Camiling, Tarlac, to be with her husband, Maximo “Simon” de Guzman Apostol. Although I never had the opportunity to meet her while she was still walking the earth, her knowledge was nevertheless passed on to me through my father, an advocate of natural healing cures who familiarized me with important principles of healing.

I was also blessed to grow up in the same home in which my maternal grandmother lived. Her name was Alejandra “Allang” Melandrez Miguel (circa 1897–1996) of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, a province located in the north-western part of Luzon. Her husband, Lucio Respicio Mayor (?–1950), also of Laoag, was a healer and expert in the native fighting art of Arnis de mano. My grandmother’s mother, Susana Melandrez, died in the process of giving birth to her, due to complications of my grandmother being breech (suni).

It is a common belief in the Philippines….


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