Didya ‘Kabarwanan


Didya ‘Kabarwanan Escrima covers all  aspects of fighting from weapons to empty hands.  What makes us truly unique is the integrated Albon healing methods and the Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics that are integrated building blocks of our Escrima system.

Back in 1980 when I was practicing some of the movements found in Dan Inosanto’s book, Filipino Martial Arts, I asked my father, Vidal delos Santos Apostol, Sr. (1912-2005) to strike me with a stick so that, with my own, I could practice what was presented therein. Before doing so, however, he shared how he was witness to a weapons match back in Hawai‘i between a Japanese man armed with a bokken wooden training sword resembling a katana and an Ilocano man armed with a long hefty wooden stick. In a matter of time, according to my father, the Japanese man was on the ground, whereas the Ilocano walked away. After the story, he then began to overwhelm me with a barrage of strikes that left me flabbergasted on how to handle the oncoming blows. It was only then did I learn that he was skilled in Escrima. He, including that man in the story, were Ilocano sakadas (Philippine migrant recruits who worked for the Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association) who gathered and honed their Escrima skills with each other.  This was the beginning of Didya ‘Kabarwanan Escrima

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The Way of the Healing Warrior

Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics

Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics is based on three disciplines, namely (1) Kabaroan Cinco Tero Escrima (combat style from Northern Luzon, Philippines, (2) Ablon manual medicine (traditional healing art from my maternal and paternal lineages of indigenous healers), and (3) wooden club swinging practices from India, which is used as a platform for executing the various maneuvers.

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Warrior Training

Connecting your martial with your spiritual self

Our Holistic Warrior System

Fighting, Body / Spirit and Healing

The fighting aspect of Didya ‘Kabarwanan Escrima will allow you to feel confident in yourself.

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Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics allows you to open up your body and spiritual self through breathing and movement to help you easily gain strength, understanding and mobility. This practice will make you develop better at Escrima, Kali, Arnis and most forms os Stick-fighting.

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Healing is an integrated part of our Escrima fighting system. Ablon is based on natural and spiritual laws governing the human body by using spiritual, physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods.

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Didya Kabarwanan

Training in the Martial Arts is one side of the coin

The martial aspect of  Didya ‘Kabarwanan Escrima covers all  aspects of fighting from weapons to empty hands.  What makes us truly unique is the integrated Albon healing  methods and the Didya Mudgara Warrior Club Calisthenics.  You could just as easily learn one aspect or all three, becasue they are each independent and at the same time a complete interlocked system. This will allow you to reach an holistic well being. Feel free to contact us about seminars, training times and groups.

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