Virgil Mayor Apostol’s personal philosophy on the role and responsibiliteis of a healer.

  • A healer is one who provides his or her gifts to bring about a healthy balance in those who are recognized to have imbalances in their lives. Without these imbalances, there would be no need for a healer. 

  • A healer is one who serves as a channel for a greater healing source, and unconditionally guides one toward better health. For someone to claim that he or she healed an individual is likely one who lacks humility and is driven by ego. 

  • Healing will not exist without the cooperation and consent of the one needing healing. No matter how powerful a healer is, if the afflicted one is closed off and refuses to be healed, then anything done would be considered futile. 

  • Patients may feel vulnerable as they seek the services of a healer who possesses a great responsibility in providing a safe haven, and for the appropriate execution of the healing work. 

  • Confidentiality of patient medical conditions must not be openly shared by the healer, unless it is to another healer whom the patient is being referred to. 

  • A healer is still human and also has personal needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. For a healer to deprive him- or herself of these needs, whether it be due to cultural or societal upbringing, goes against the wellbeing of the healer. To accept money is not for the healing, but for the time and service provided. 

  • It is a must that the healer follows proper hygiene for the safety of everyone involved. 

  • It is crucial for the healer to know his or her capabilities and limitations, to know when to continue or stop due to any reason of the recipient or the healer, and to refer patients to specialists when their concerns are beyond the healer’s scope of practice. 

  • A healer holds the responsibility to uphold moral values, not to cross the line of inappropriately violating the patient’s body, and to keep themselves in check by maintaining a lifestyle that nurtures a living example of the light.